Dashboard Filtering

Foreman provides a user-friendly mechanism for viewing the overall health of your cryptocurrency mining farm. You can:

  • Observe your current hash rate
  • Review any alerts that have fired
  • Identify connectivity issues with pools
  • Analyze temperature trends
  • Monitor profitability and cryptocurrency markets

But sometimes, a global overview isn't enough and you need to dive deeper. Whether that be examining a specific mining location or isolating and finding miners that need attention, analysis is key to making the right call.


To help operators manage their infrastructure, Foreman provides a mechanism to apply filters to dashboard views, which helps trim out the noise and find what you need. The following filters currently exist:

  • Pickaxe: if I have multiple locations, filtering by Pickaxe will let me isolate each of my sites
  • Hardware Type: only show my ASICs or my GPU rigs
  • Pool Name: provide a stratum and only have those miners displayed - this pairs well with the Bulk Pool Change capability (move miners from pool X to pool Y)
  • Miner Name: only display miners that contain a portion of the provided text in their name
  • Miner IP: only display miners with the provided IP addresses
  • Miner Type: only show my Antminer S9s, S19s, S19 Pros, Claymores, etc


Multiple filters can be grouped together. Some examples are:

  • Pickaxe (site-2) AND Miner Type (Antminer S9) OR Miner Type (Antminer Z9)
  • Pool Name (stratum.slushpool.com:3333) OR Pool Name (ss.antpool.com:25)

To show how filtering can be used, here are a couple of sample scenarios:

  1. I'm an operator and I want to find all of my miners that need attention
  2. I'm an operator and I want to adjust the expected temperature ranges for my Antminer S9s

Scenario 1: Find Miners Needing Attention

First, check the dashboard to determine the health of your operation. The problems should be clear:

  • The overall health of the farm is fatal
  • There are 1018 / 1024 ASICs online
Dashboard view showing there are problems

Following the link in the banner, navigate to the Miners page, switch to the Table view, and filter by Fail, revealing the miners that need attention.

They've stopped hashing. A reboot should do it:

Finding the failing miners and performing a reboot

Scenario 2: Adjust Temperature Ranges

I've noticed that my Antminers are alerting often. I'll apply a filter so only statistics for the S9s are displayed:

Applying a dashboard filter to only show Antminer S9s

Everything looks good for now - let's see what's going on:

Alerts indicate that S9s are alerting often

Every 10 minutes, a couple of my S9s are bouncing between WARN and FAIL due to the temperature thresholds that are configured for my miners. For my environment, I know that 73 C and 78 C are acceptable, so where did these get set?

The first time that your miner appears in Foreman, temperature thresholds are automatically set to WARN and FAIL at 10% and 20% higher than the current temp, respectively. Example: if my miner sent a temp of 80 C, it will be configured to WARN at 88 C and FAIL at 96 C.

I'll adjust them to 95 C and 105 C:

Adjusting the temperatures

Stay tuned for more updates! If you have any questions, contact us on Discord, Twitter, or send us an email!

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