Integrating HiveOS and Foreman

Notice: this guide has been superseded by our new HiveOS integration, which is fully off-rig (no software installation required). That guide is available here.

Everything below this line is available for historical purposes only.

One of the most popular features of Foreman, a fully-hosted miner management dashboard, is the ability to centralize mining devices onto a single platform. This provides cryptocurrency miners a mechanism to monitor their entire operation from a single place, regardless of operating system.

What does this get me?

The freedom to mine how you want.

  • Feel like HiveOS has a better platform for mining ETH? Use it.
  • Feel like smOS provides a more reliable AMD platform? Use it.
  • Feel like nvOC is more cost-effective for mining RVN? Use it.
  • Feel like ASICs or FPGAs are your next move? Run them.

And don’t feel plagued by having to check multiple sites to see if things are working. Foreman brings them together, alerts you as problems arise, shows revenue across all of your devices, and lets you do it from a single page.

The following tutorial provides Foreman users with the steps needed to easily monitor HiveOS rigs from their private, hosted dashboard.

1. Obtain HiveOS Command

First, you’ll need to obtain your custom, one-line installation script to be used for HiveOS installations. Yours can be found under the Foreman installation guide here:

2. Install Agent

Determine which Hive rigs you want to add to Foreman. For this demo, we’ll be using two test rigs named “1050 Ti” and “1070 Ti”.

Within Hive, select the rigs from the list and initiate a “Run Command”:

Paste the command from Step 1 and “Run”:

3. Grab a 🍺!

Within a few minutes (install time varies depending on rig hardware), your agents (we call them Pickaxes) will appear in Foreman, each with names matching the Hive rig names:

Then, your miners will automatically get added:

From here, everything is automated — as you make changes to your rigs in Hive (change rig name, miner software, overclock, pools, etc), they will automatically update in Foreman shortly after.

Stay tuned for more updates! If you have any questions, contact us on Discord, Twitter, or send us an email!

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