Receiving Alerts via Slack

We're pleased to officially present Foreman Todd, the Foreman Bot for Slack. Todd allows you to receive to-the-minute updates about your miners to any and all Slack channels of your choosing. You simply register with Todd and he'll begin sending notifications based on configured triggers on the Foreman dashboard.

Getting Started

To receive alerts via Slack, you'll first need to re-configure your Foreman triggers.  By default, all notifications are sent to your email address.

Default notification destination.

Notifications can be sent to any combination of the following:

  • Email
  • Discord
  • Telegram
  • Slack
Notification destination changed to Slack.

You'll also need to fetch your Foreman API credentials.  Those can be found here:

API information found under 'My Account' in Foreman.

Receiving Alerts in a Channel

Once your triggers are configured to send alerts to Slack, install Todd, our bot, by clicking here. You should see something like the following:

Install Todd on your workspace.

Make sure to select the workspace where you want Todd to send your alerts.  Click the Allow button to complete installation.  If the install is successful, you should land back at this page. If you're new to Slack and would like to read more on workspaces and channels, you can find more info here.

After opening Slack, you should see Todd listed under apps.

Todd is present in the workspace.
Todd is present in the workspace 

You'll want to add Todd to the channels where you want to be notified. To do this, right click on the desired channel, then left click View channel details.

Now, click the integrations tab at the top, followed by the Add an App button.

Add an App button under the Integrations tab. 

Clicking Add an App will take you to the Slack app director where you'll see Todd under 'In your workspace.'

Todd in the Slack App Directory.

After clicking the Add button, you should get a confirmation message in your channel.

Once he's invited, you can see all available /slash commands by typing /foreman_help.

Todd's /foreman_help command.

To begin registering, type /foreman_start. Todd will ask you for your client ID and API key. You should have those handy from the Getting Started steps above.

Beginning the notification process with /foreman_start

Type /foreman_register and enter in your client ID and API key that you obtained in the Getting Started steps above.  As an example, assuming a client ID of 1024 and an API key of 39bffdea-2169-46eb-9407-adf8ba678c3f, I'd enter /foreman_register 1024 39bffdea-2169-46eb-9407-adf8ba678c3f.

Successfully completed registration.

From here on out, depending on the triggers created in Foreman, Todd will let you know when things happen.

Foreman Todd Notifications.

To stop the alerting, type /foreman_forget.

Please find our privacy policy here.

Stay tuned for more updates! If you have any questions, contact us on Discord, Twitter, or send us an email!

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