Active Pools and Performance Improvements

Foreman has been updated with the following new features and improvements:

New Features

Active Pools

Foreman now provides users with multiple ways to identify which pool is actively being used. Here's a quick demonstration covering a few of the ways they can be found:

Filtering by Active Pool.

Account Modifications

The ability to change email addresses and passwords has been added to the My Account section:

Changing email address and password.


ASIC Querying

ASIC connection timeouts have been lowered from 1 second to 100 milliseconds, greatly reducing the time that it takes to perform a Miner Scan. Additionally, metrics are now batched when sending them to the dashboard (batch size: 100), enabling Pickaxe to push metrics quickly to keep dashboards in sync.

The cgminer connection logic has also been re-written, enabling Pickaxe to query thousands of ASIC miners in several seconds.

Baikal Integration

The Baikal integration has been modified to return empty metrics when the device is online, but cgminer has been stopped (paused mining). This will allow Baikal devices to be configurable by Foreman even when metrics cannot be obtained.

Reboot Graph

The Reboot Graph has been significantly refactored to reduce loading time. The graph will now automatically adjust when more than 15 different miners have rebooted over the previous 24 hours, changing from grouping by miner to grouping by miner type, keeping the graph usable as the data points increase.

Pool Graph

The Pools Graph has been modified to display whether or not each miner is currently connected to a pool.  Previously, it displayed the connection status to every pool known to each miner, which led to inconsistent behavior across ASIC manufacturers (ex: Antminers being connected to all pools despite only one being used vs. Avalons only connecting to a pool when it's needed).

Bulk Updates

The Bulk Update process has been reworked to no longer timeout when performing a mass update for over 100 miners. They will now occur immediately.

Earnings Block

We've improved the caching related to this block, which has drastically decreased the loading time.

Stay tuned for more updates! If you have any questions, contact us on Discord, Twitter, or send us an email!

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