Two Factor, Factory Resets, and MAC Addresses

Foreman has been updated with the following new features, improvements, and bug fixes:

New Features

Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication has been added to Foreman, providing users with an additional mechanism to further secure their accounts. The settings to enable this can be found here:

Two Factor Authentication.

Clients can enable this for their company, requiring that all users on the shared dashboard enable Two Factor Authentication for access. This can be found under Company Settings.

Factory Reset

The Factory Reset operation has been added to the dashboard, which will revert selected ASICs back to their manufacturer settings and then automatically change pools to the user-defined configuration.

ASIC Factory Reset.

This can be performed directly on a single miner, as a bulk operation, or via a trigger. As of November 2020, it can be performed against the following manufacturers, but this list will continue to be expanded:

  • Antminer
  • Blackminer
  • DragonMint
  • Innosilicon
  • Obelisk
  • StrongU

MAC Addresses

When available, the MAC address for an ASIC will be presented on the Foreman dashboard, providing users with an additional method to identify their miners.

Avalon 1047 MAC Addresses.

What's New Notifications

Curious what's new? See it directly from the dashboard, and get notified when things change:

What's New notifications.

Whatsminer Firmware Support

Support has been added for the new Whatsminer ASIC firmwares, enabling users to perform reboots and pool changes directly from the Foreman dashboard!

Vnish-based Firmware Support

Official support has been added for vnish-based ASIC firmware, including the Nicehash and AsicDip forks.

Minute of Day Trigger

A new trigger has been created that enables users to trigger an action at a specific time of day (example: change pools to 2miners at midnight, and then change pools to ethermine at 10 AM).


Google Cloud Storage

Foreman applications are now distributed via Google Cloud Storage, which will reduce metrics downtime when updates are being applied.


The backend caching mechanism has been drastically redesigned, greatly reducing API and page loading times.

Bug Fixes

Gracefully Handle 'nan' Avalon Responses

Avalon ASICs that are not hashing and returning 'nan' for their current hash rate will now successfully be patched to '0', enabling metrics to continue being published to the dashboard.

Automatically Cancel Stuck Commands

Pickaxe remote commands that take more than 60 minutes to complete will now automatically be aborted and marked as failed.

Stay tuned for more updates! If you have any questions, contact us on Discord, Twitter, or send us an email!

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