Power Consumption and Dashboard Sharing

Foreman has been updated with the following new features and improvements:

New Features

Power Draw

Total power consumption has been added to Foreman, allowing users to see their total power draw and total power cost.  For ASICs and FPGAs, these numbers are automatically computed based on the device and algorithm that's actively being mined.

The illustration below demonstrates how these two new blocks can be used in conjunction with the daily earnings block to indicate how profitable an operation may be after power is covered.

Power Draw and Daily Earnings

The following manufacturers are fully supported (power draw is calculated automatically as soon as your device is online):

  • Aixin
  • Antminer
  • AvalonMiner
  • Baikal
  • Blackminer
  • Dayun
  • Dragonmint
  • FutureBit
  • HyperBit
  • Innosilicon
  • StrongU
  • Whatsminer
  • Multminer

Power consumption for rigs is supported as well, and it may be specified in each miner's settings in Foreman.

Dashboard Sharing

Users can now add users to their dashboard/company in Foreman. This allows for multiple farm operators to monitor and manage a farm together. Here's a tutorial covering how to add and remove users.

Owner and an Administrator can access the same Dashboard

Full Blackminer Support

Full support has officially been added for all Blackminer miners.  This includes:

  • Blackminer F1
  • Blackminer F1+
  • Blackminer F1 Mini
  • Blackminer F1 Mini+
  • Blackminer F1 Single
  • Blackminer F1 Ultra
  • Blackminer F2

Full Baikal Support

Full support has officially been added for all Baikal miners.  This includes:

  • Baikal BK-B
  • Baikal BK-D
  • Baikal BK-G28
  • Baikal BK-N
  • Baikal BK-N+
  • Baikal BK-N70
  • Baikal BK-N240
  • Baikal BK-X
  • Baikal Cube
  • Baikal Giant A900
  • Baikal Giant+ A2000
  • Baikal Mini
  • Baikal Quad Mini

Bug Fixes

Expected Temperatures and Hash Rates Changing

A bug has been fixed that was causing expected temperatures and hash rates to change in Foreman occasionally when miners disconnect and reconnect to their pools.

Stay tuned for more updates! If you have any questions, contact us on Discord, Twitter, or send us an email!

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