BTC Mining Pool Review: Foundry

Bitcoin mining can be lucrative but demands specialized hardware, software, and a dependable mining pool. One pool that has captured the attention of Bitcoin miners is Foundry Pool, launched in August 2020 by Foundry, a subsidiary of Digital Currency Group (DCG). Known for its high hashrate and low fees, Foundry Pool has built a reputation for reliability, which has led to a growing user base. In this review, we'll dive into Foundry Pool's performance, fees, security, and support to help you determine if it's the right fit for your mining needs.

About Foundry Pool

Foundry Pool is a Bitcoin mining pool operated by DCG, a prominent cryptocurrency investment firm established by Barry Silbert in 2015. It aims to decentralize Bitcoin's hashrate and increase North America's share in the mining ecosystem.

Fee Structure and Payout Methods

Foundry operates on the Full Pay Per Share (FPPS) payout method. FPPS is a variant of the Pay Per Share (PPS) method, where miners receive a fixed payout for each valid share submitted, regardless of whether the pool finds a block. According to the Foundry USA Pool's FAQ page, the minimum payout threshold for Bitcoin (BTC) is 0.001 BTC. This means a payout will only be initiated once a miner has accumulated a balance of at least 0.001 BTC.

Under the FPPS method, Foundry provides miners a stable and predictable payout for their mining efforts. Regardless of the pool's success, miners receive consistent rewards based on the number of valid shares they contribute. To obtain the most accurate and current information on fees related to Foundry's FPPS payout method, it is recommended to visit their official website or contact their customer support since these fees may vary and change over time.


Foundry offers a range of features and benefits that make it an attractive option for Bitcoin miners. One notable feature is their mining equipment financing, which allows miners to access the latest mining hardware without significant upfront costs. This enables miners to stay competitive and maximize efficiency by deploying the most efficient mining hardware.

Efficient hashrate deployment is another crucial aspect of Foundry's offerings. Moreover, Foundry provides dedicated customer support to assist miners with inquiries or concerns. Their team offers personalized assistance to help miners navigate the mining process and address technical or operational issues.

As a subsidiary of DCG, Foundry leverages valuable network and industry insights to keep miners informed about relevant information, updates, and market trends. They prioritize security and compliance, implementing robust measures to protect miners' assets and ensure regulatory compliance. Foundry also extends its services beyond financing, offering additional options such as colocation, hosting, and equipment management.

Security Measures

Foundry prioritizes the security of its miners and their assets by implementing various safeguarding measures. They maintain secure infrastructure using industry-standard practices, including servers, firewalls, and encryption technologies. We recommend you refer to their official sources or contact customer support for the most accurate and updated information on Foundry's specific security measures.

User Experience and Features

Foundry retains the historical hashrate data of their pool, allowing miners to access and analyze their mining performance over time. This feature enables miners to track their progress, identify trends, and make informed decisions about their mining operations.

In addition, Foundry has a mobile application available for iOS and Android devices. The mobile app provides a read-only view, allowing miners to conveniently monitor their mining statistics and stay updated on their mining activity while on the go. This mobile app enhances accessibility and flexibility for miners, enabling them to manage their mining operations efficiently.

Foundry also guides miners on viewing their pool data with Microsoft Excel. This feature allows miners to export and analyze their mining data using Excel's capabilities. By integrating with Excel, miners can gain further insights into their mining performance and customize their analysis based on their needs.

Customer Support and Reported Issues

Miners can email the Foundry support team or their online ticketing system. Foundry also offers a comprehensive FAQ section to provide self-help resources for common questions. By prioritizing customer support, Foundry aims to ensure a positive user experience and address miner needs effectively.

With their user-friendly features and commitment to security, Foundry proves to be a reliable and trustworthy mining pool for Bitcoin miners. Additionally, miners can utilize third-party tools like Foreman, which provides auditing services for shares and pools. By leveraging Foreman's capabilities, miners can ensure the accuracy of their earnings and gain greater transparency in their mining rewards. With its solid reputation and dedication to transparency, Foundry, coupled with auditing services like Foreman, stands as a valuable partner for miners aiming to optimize their mining operations and achieve their goals.

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