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Monitoring Made Easy.

Master your mining with Foreman. Our fully hosted dashboard lets you see how your operation is performing. No custom operating system or closed-source binaries needed.


From one miner to thousands, Foreman will grow with you, providing valuable insight along the way.


Quick to setup and easy to navigate, you will be up and running in no time.


See an overview of your operation, or quickly drill down to isolate a problem.

What We Provide

Hash Rate Monitoring

Keep your profitability high by remotely monitoring your ASICs and GPUs.

Pool Metrics

Review your share distribution to see which pools are underperforming.

Temperature Reporting

See if you need to make adjustments to help air flow.

MRR Integration

Track your MiningRigRentals rigs right from your Foreman dashboard. And we support AutoMiner, too!


Get notified immediately when something goes wrong.

Uptime Reports

Determine if your rigs are as stable as you think (ours weren't).


See how much you're making without disclosing your wallet address.

NiceHash Integration

We integrate seamlessly with NiceHash and support NiceHash Legacy Miner.

See all of our features with the live demo.

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Wherever You Go

Your farm's health available at your fingertips.

Getting Started

Step 1: Sign Up

Create an account in seconds.

Step 2: Configure

Install our open-source miner monitoring software and add your miners from the dashboard.

Step 3: Explore

That's it! Let Foreman do the rest while you browse the other features.

Plans & Pricing

Choose the plan that's right for you.


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  • Feature 1
  • Feature 2
  • Feature 3

Our basic plan for hobby miners.


Coming Soon!
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  • Feature 1
  • Feature 2
  • Feature 3

Our full-featured plan for mining professionals.

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