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Our Story

Dan and Jake, the founders of One Bar Mining (OBM), had a problem: their mine was located two hours away and they would often wake up early for a long drive to reboot their miners. It didn't take long before they realized they needed a better solution. Driven by this, they created a tool to manage their site remotely, which is now called Foreman.

Foreman was designed to sit in the mine and automatically reboot downed machines. What started as a simple program for OBM quickly grew into something much bigger. As they shared their tool with other miners in the industry, they realized that they had stumbled upon a real need.

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Foreman has since evolved into a full-spectrum miner management suite that enables mining operations of all sizes to manage their sites from anywhere. OBM is now a team of experts in power management, network infrastructure, and data analysis, all working together to solve some of the largest problems in the mining industry.

With a focus on simplicity, reliability, and performance, Foreman is helping miners worldwide optimize their operations and maximize their profits.

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