Power Control

Demand Response

Power Control

Cost Avoidance

We understand how crucial curtailment can be. Our Power Control features let you control every watt to optimize your energy footprint. We've curtailed a total of

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...enough to power a 100MW Bitcoin mine

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Maintain Seamless Performance

With Foreman's Power Control, Demand Response, and Automated Curtailment Features, you can ensure uninterrupted and efficient operations throughout your mining facility.

Complete Feature Set to Control The Power Of Your Mine

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Automated Demand Response

Become an insurance policy for the grid and get paid just to be available. We'll automate the rest so you make the most Demand Response dollars.

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Automated Cost Avoidance

Whether you're avoiding peaks, executing a block strategy, or protecting your index exposure, we track the energy markets and curtail you when needed.

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Customize Specific Rules

Set fully customizable rules to instantly respond to events such as the time of day, miner temperatures, and profitability to adjust your miners to keep them in the green.