Integrate your Infrastructure and auxiliary devices to get real-time stats.

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Integrate Smart Equipment

We integrate with most smart devices located at your facility, including managed switches, smart PDUs, cooling towers, etc. For hosts, this is especially nice because this gives you revenue-grade metering on each so you can accurately invoice your customers.

Support for all your Infrastructure Components

Monitor your power, network, and temperatures

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Network Switches and IP-based Mapping

We'll auto-generate a site map fully from your networking equipment in minutes. If you're old school, we can auto-generate by static IPs, too.

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Smart PDUs & Phase Balancing

Monitor each miner's consumption from the PDU port. You can also perform hard reboots directly from your dashboard.

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Cooling Towers

Integrate your cooling tower to effectively manages temperatures. We'll show alarm status, flow, and let you know if there's a leak.

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External Fans and Temp Readers

Add fans and sensors to gain comprehensive insights into your operating environment, enabling better control and efficiency.