Site Map

Our powerful visualization tool. Site Map shows you where every device is located and how they're performing.

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Import your existing site layout with ease

Generate your Site Map in minutes by utilizing Smart PDUs, managed network switches, or static IP addresses to map rack locations.

Visualize Your Mine

Foreman’s Site Map feature lets you easily view and manage your miners and associated equipment, ensuring efficient and effective equipment tracking and management.

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Heat Map

View a live temperature map, helping you identify potential hot spots and optimize cooling strategies.

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Performance Map

Identify underperforming regions, guiding your techs to the areas needing the most attention.

Easily Add Miners

Our Interactive Add feature lets you push-button import, map, and configure your fleet. All your techs need is a bluetooth scanner.

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Keep Track Of Your Repairs

Foreman's Repair Management Feature allows you to create repair tickets for equipment issues, track the status of repairs, and view repair history through the audit log.

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