Automate important tasks like reporting, alerting, and repetitive operator maintenance.

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Streamline Mining Operations

Utilize Foreman's robust automation capabilities, including automated reports, pool management, alerts, and triggers, for efficiency and enhance the performance of your mining operations.

Alerts and Triggers

Build fully customizable rules to notify you immediately about the things you care about. Tired of manually rebooting or changing pools? Any miner-focused action can be automated.

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Integrate With Your Messaging Platform

Foreman offers the ability to receive real-time alerts through popular messaging platforms such as Discord, Telegram, Google Chat, and Slack.

Automated Reports

Foreman offers a range of reporting automation features that allow you to track performance metrics, power usage, and profitability, providing deep insights into mining operations and enabling users to make data-driven decisions.

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Audit Pool Payouts

Pool Reports keep your auditors happy. We connect our perspective and the pool, helping you find inconsistencies around hashrate, worker counts, and payout histories.

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Report Profitability to Stakeholders

Foreman's Profit Report offers a deep dive into a mining operations' finances. With detailed revenue and cost breakdowns, keep investors informed on your mine's performance.

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Know Your Power Consumption

Our Power Report helps you track power consumption down to the miner, down to the minute. If you're a host, this will be your best friend when it's time to invoice.

Pool Configuration

Foreman allows you to easily audit your pool configurations. Immediately catch malicious insiders by configuring your Trusted Pools so we can notify you and prevent stolen revenue. You can also take it the extra mile and build a Trigger to automatically correct them.

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Alerts And Triggers

Allows you to create and receive real-time notifications for important events, such as miner downtime, power outages, and pool issues, enabling you to identify and address potential problems quickly.

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