Miner Profitability Reports

Foreman has been updated with the following new feature:

New Features

Profit Reporting

Looking to share information about your operation with stakeholders? Foreman now provides the ability to automatically generate and send daily profit reports to a list of emails you define. This report can be distributed either daily or weekly and contains a snapshot of your farm covering the last 7 days.

Adding a new report recipient.

The theme can be customized with your own logo and colors so you can maintain your brand. Click "Customize Reports" on the Reports page to begin that setup.

Customizing email reports.

Once you've added a few recipients, they can be managed in the "Email Reports" table. You can modify recipients or send them a report immediately.

Email reports table.

Reports are automatically delivered either daily or weekly, depending on the frequency you specify:

A sample profit report covering 4 GPU rigs.

The following defines the information that's displayed:

  • Fiat Profit: how much you earned in the fiat currency of your choice, after power costs
  • Fiat Revenue: how much you earned in the fiat currency of your choice, before power costs
  • BTC Revenue: how much you earned in Bitcoin
  • BTC High: the peak Bitcoin price for the day (UTC)
  • BTC Close: the closing Bitcoin price (UTC)
  • Power Cost: your total power cost for the 24-hour period
  • Power Cost per BTC: your total power cost to generate 1 Bitcoin
  • Average Hash Rate: the observed average hash rate
  • Total Miners: how many miners were added to Foreman
  • Active Miners: how many miners were in Foreman and expected to be hashing (not disabled)
  • Miners Mining: how many miners were observed to be hashing within 24 hours
  • Miners in Service: the percentage of miners miners vs. active miners
For Power Cost to be displayed, your base cost per kWh must be set on the Company in Foreman here.

Additionally, a CSV will also be attached to the email to help with analysis.

Stay tuned for more updates! If you have any questions, contact us on Discord, Twitter, or send us an email!

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