Site Map, Static IP Assigning, New ASIC Support, CDN Assets

Foreman has been updated with the following new features and improvements:

New Features

Site Map

Users are now able to construct a floor plan directly in Foreman, providing them with a heat map to track hot and cold locations, while also enabling users to physically locate a miner by name, IP, or MAC address.

Interactive Site Map.

The Site Map revolves around 3 core concepts:


The Site Map is structured as a grid, with each rack positioned by [row,column] coordinates. As you move from left-to-right, the column increases. As you move from top-to-bottom, the row increases.


Racks are added to the Site Map grid and are positioned at indexes.  The top-left rack would be position [0,0], read as row 0, column 0.


A location represents a miner's location within a rack. Locations are structured similar to how the grid is structured: the top-left miner position would be position [0,0], read as row 0, index 0.

Example: if there are 30 miners in a Rack, 5 on each shelf, and the rack is named "000", their locations would be:

  • [000, 0, 0]: Rack 000, row 0, index 0
  • [000, 0, 1]: Rack 000, row 0, index 1
  • [000, 0, 2]: Rack 000, row 0, index 2
  • ...
  • [000, 1, 0]: Rack 000, row 1, index 0
  • [000, 1, 1]: Rack 000, row 1, index 1
  • [000, 1, 2]: Rack 000, row 1, index 2
  • ...
  • [000, 2, 0]: Rack 000, row 2, index 0
  • [000, 2, 1]: Rack 000, row 2, index 1
  • [000, 2, 2]: Rack 000, row 2, index 2
  • ...

The following will be constructed within Site Map, with the rack showing the highest temperature and most critical status of all miners present. It's expandable to show each physical miner:

Collapsed rack 000.
Expanded rack 000.

Static IP Assigning

We've added the ability to assign static IPs to miners. Users can now let their miners obtain an IP initially via DHCP, scan them into Foreman, and then mass assign static IPs to keep things from changing.

Note: Foreman does not require static IP addresses. However, management of a farm is typically easier when IP addresses do not change over time.

This feature is supported for the following ASIC manufacturers:

  • Aixin
  • Antminer
  • Avalon
  • Blackminer
  • CheetahMiner
  • Dragonmint
  • HonorKnight
  • Innosilicon
  • Obelisk
  • StrongU
  • Whatsminer

Configuring Many Miners

A bulk operation can be performed from the miners table. Select the miners that will be assigned a static IP address, click 'Edit', select 'Assign Static IP', and complete the dialog.

If the miners are to be statically configured to take their existing DHCP IP, complete the prompt, using variables as applicable:

Mass assign static IPs via the web form.

If the IPs to be assigned do not follow a convention, a CSV can be provided containing a mapping of each miner to their new configuration.  The prompt contains a link to download a template with placeholders for every miner that was selected in the table:

Mass assign static IPs via a CSV.

Configuring a Single Miner

Configure a single miner for a static IP.

New ASIC Support

Full management support for the following ASIC manufacturers has been added:


  • Aixin A1


  • CheetahMiner F1
  • CheetahMiner F3
  • CheetahMiner F5
  • CheetahMiner F5I
  • CheetahMiner F5M
  • CheetahMiner F7S


  • HonorKnight K2
  • HonorKnight K2.1
  • HonorKnight K3
  • HonorKnight K5

Additionally, the following new models have been officially added for other currently-supported manufacturers:

  • Antminer S17 Pro
  • Antminer T17+
  • Antminer T17e
  • Antminer T19
  • Antminer S19j Pro
  • Antminer G2
  • Avalon 1246

Whatsminer Factory Reset

Users can now perform a factory reset on Whatsminer ASICs directly from the dashboard.

Dev Fee Labeling

Whenever a miner utilizes a known dev pool and the miner makes it aware, Foreman will now tag the pool as 'Dev Fee'.

Foreman does not charge a dev fee. These fees are often imposed by custom ASIC firmware or GPU mining software.

The following illustrations show BraiinsOS submitting shares to a dev pool:

BraiinsOS Dev Fee.
BraiinsOS Dev Fee.


Assets are now served via a CDN

To reduce loading times globally, static Foreman assets are now distributed via a CDN. These assets include images, icons, libraries, etc.

MAC Addresses Obtained during Initial Scan

MAC addresses are now fetched during the initial bulk import of ASICs. This gets the miner tagged with the MAC address as soon as it's added to the platform, enabling users to leverage the MAC when performing bulk configurations via Foreman.

Go To Miner

A quick-access link has been added to each ASIC, enabling users to access the management consoles quickly when connected to the same network.

Go to miner link.

Stay tuned for more updates! If you have any questions, contact us on Discord, Twitter, or send us an email!

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