Telegram Notifications and Miner Tagging

Foreman has been updated with the following new features and improvements:

New Features

Telegram Notifications

In addition to receiving alerts via Email, users can now modify their Triggers to send notifications to Telegram.

Send notification to Email and Telegram.

Once you've configured a Trigger to send a Telegram alert, message Todd, our bot, and introduce yourself (  Then he'll keep you in the loop.

"Miner not updating" Telegram alert.

Miner Tagging

Miners can now be logically grouped by applying tags. Some examples of how tags can be used:

  • Group by container
  • Co-location farms to group by customer
  • Group by data center
  • Group by network

A dashboard filter can be applied by tag to only display statistics for miners that match the provided criteria:

Filter dashboard by tag.

Additionally, triggers can be created against miners with user-defined tags:

Trigger only runs for miners with a certain tag.

The miner's table can also be searched for tagged miners using "tag:<tag_name>":

Search for miner by tag.


BraiinsOS Hostname Detection

During a bulk ASIC import, hostnames will be obtained from miners running BraiinsOS if enabled. This allows users to continue to assign the Foreman miner name to the hostname of the actual ASIC.

Increased Remote Command Timeout Threshold

Remote commands (reboot, change pools, network configure, factory reset, etc) will now timeout after 20 minutes (previous timeout was 10 minutes).  This will alleviate the "Miner never returned" messages displayed on the dashboard for commands ran against miners that have a long startup time.

Perform Antminer Reboot after Pool Changes

Foreman will now reboot Antminers after a pool change is applied via the dashboard. This addresses an issue where Antminer S19s accept a new pool configuration, but don't mine with it immediately.

Relay Network Failure Message to Dashboard

When a network configuration is applied via Foreman and it's rejected by the miner, the failure message returned from the miner is now displayed on the dashboard. If no failure message exists, a generic message is displayed indicating that the command failed.

Stay tuned for more updates! If you have any questions, contact us on Discord, Twitter, or send us an email!

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